Excel Software Demo & Product Downloads

If download fails, try the faster Alternate Download Site. End User License Agreement
To legally use downloaded software, you need a license for the current major release of that Demo or Product software. Software updates are available from this download page. Registered owners of version 1.1 can download maintenance release 1.1.x, but cannot use a different major release like 1.2 or 2.0. To install, double-click installer file and enter password.
Update Service

Customers on Update Service automatically receive a new CD, manuals and password needed for each major release. Minor updates can be downloaded from this page. Access the PDF manual(s) from the Help menu for most products.

Product Upgrades

Registered owners qualify for future major upgrades at a discounted price. When buying a new product or major upgrade, you also qualify for the purchase of Update Service to receive future upgrades automatically.

WindowsMac OS X

How to Download, Install and Uninstall

To download an application, click the appropriate download link and save the installer file to your computer. A security warning may be presented when downloading or installing a file from the Internet. Security options can be imposed and controlled by the browser, OS, firewall or anti-virus software.

For example, on Mac OSX, go to the security panel of your System Preferences and make sure the Allows Apps downloaded from Anywhere option is selected. Alternatively, select the application and then hold down the Control key and choose Open from the popup menu.

Do you miss the Download from Anywhere option on the Security & Privacy panel of System Preferences in Mac Sierra or High Sierra? Download AllowApps to make that option visible again in seconds.

Double-click the installer file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the application. To uninstall on Windows, choose the application name in the Control Panel. To uninstall on Mac OS X, simply drag the folder from the Applications folder to the trash.

When launching the first time on Mac, select the application, hold down the Control key and choose Open from the popup menu. On Windows 8 SmartScreen might present a dialog that requires you to click More Info, then click Run Anyway.

Some Product licenses are activated on a specific computer. To move that Product software to a new computer, you must first release the license from the old computer. See the User Guide for instructions on how to do this with a few button clicks.